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Introducing "Kid's Concept" at Woodynationkids

"Children should be children"

With this intent, and a great passion for creating products focusing on childhood and free play, Kid's concept begun manufacturing children' s toys back in 2007. Since then, they have become a well-known brand between parents, babies and toddlers of course.

All of their collections are based on specific concepts, something that makes decorating a nursery easier and smoother. What we love at Woodynationkids, is that all of their products are imagined and created based on function and attraction. They promote creative play and encourage children to live their childhood and get to know the world around them in their own fantastic way.

Quality, safety and responsibility are the most important guidelines for all involved, naturally along with an environmental commitment. They make strict demands on their toys and children’s safety is top priority. Their interior details and toys must be safe, sturdy and secure to play with. They are made to be inherited from big sisters to little brothers and onto the next generation, making them the ultimate heirloom toys that everyone in the family will love and cherish.

We are very happy and proud to welcome "Kid' s concept" on our website and we are pretty sure that you will love their products as much as we do.